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 Just Imagine...

Imagine meeting at your convenience, in your home or office, to shop for a vehicle.

  • Spend a little time with me, instead of countless hours researching on your own. Let's face it, between the enthusiast's magazines, Consumer Reports, and all the Internet sites-there's enough information out there to keep you reading into the next model year.

Imagine working with a professional who has extensive knowledge of virtually every make and model.

  • I have software with all the specs-such as price, standard equipment, options, horsepower and torque, and fuel economy for all current and last year's models. This software is updated monthly and includes CD-ROM photos of all the models.
  • I am an auto enthusiast, and I have been into cars since I was 6 years old. I've read auto enthusiast magazines for over 20 years. Most magazines also have weekly cable shows, which I never miss. Since I love cars, I've done all the research, so you don't have to.

Imagine evaluating your automotive needs with a professional who can give you an unbiased opinion, and who doesn't have to tell you that model X is better than model Z because they only sell model X.

  • I work for you, with only your best interests in mind. I am compensated by my clients and never accept money from any dealer.
  • Whether you are looking at sport utility vehicles, mini-vans or mid-size sedans, I can do the comparisons. I can compare payments on competing models, or even lease payments versus finance payments on the same models.
  • I can show you how to realize 3k to 5k more when you trade or sell your new vehicle, just by choosing the right model.
  • I can show you how, by taking care of your vehicle, you can realize significant additional dollars at trade-in time.
  • Whether you keep a car for 10 years or trade up every 3 years, I would recommend different vehicles for each situation.

Imagine test-drives without a salesman in the back seat. There is no pressure, so you can just take your time and get a feel for the vehicle.

  • I can pick you up and take you from dealer to dealer. In most cases, they will give us the plate and keys, and we go out alone. I am able to point out the features and details of each vehicle that the average person may overlook.
  • If you prefer to test-drive the vehicle without me, I can give you the name of my contact at the dealership. In most cases, they will give you the keys and allow you to drive on your own.
  • They will not pressure you into buying the car or even discuss price with you. They understand that you are there only to test-drive a vehicle. Because of this, you are in and out of your test-drive as quickly as you want to be.
  • The dealerships understand that all follow-ups are done through me, so they won't be calling you.

Imagine getting top dollar for your trade-in.

  • I arrange for you to take your vehicle to dealers and wholesalers who will pay cash for your vehicle even if you don't buy from them.
  • After getting these buy bids, we know exactly what your trade-in is worth on the wholesale market.
  • If one of the buy bids is considerably higher than the dealer that we are buying your new car from, we can sell it to the highest bidder and still get the tax benefits of trading it in.
  • If you want to retail your vehicle yourself, I will research the market for you, help you determine a fair market price, and give you useful tips on how to market it.

Imagine deciding which new vehicle you want and letting someone else handle all the details, like:

  • Locating the vehicle that matches your specs.
  • Giving you the exact terms of the transaction, such as price, payments, and cash due.
  • Outlining your options for extended warranties prior to going the dealership, so you can take your time in deciding what is best for you before you go in to close the deal.
  • Making sure that the dealership has the paperwork prepared and has cleaned and detailed the vehicle, before you go to buy the car.
  • Picking you up and driving you to the dealership for the appointment I've made at the time you requested.
  • Overseeing every document that you sign.

Imagine spending less than 30 minutes in the dealership picking up your new vehicle, instead of the normal 2-3 hours.

  • Either the salesman or I will go over every feature of your new vehicle, so that you are totally comfortable with it.
  • I know all the documentation that is required to deliver the vehicle, and I will make sure that the dealer has all the necessary documentation prior to our arriving there.

Imagine the piece of mind that comes from knowing exactly what kind of deal you got on your new vehicle. You will know:

  • How much you paid for the vehicle.
  • What the dealer profit was.
  • That you got the best price for your trade-in.

Imagine all these things, and in addition you will save money!

  • Because of my volume and relationship with the dealers, I will get the vehicle for less money than you would pay for it as an independent buyer.
  • Because I subscribe to various pricing software that lists consumer rebates and hidden manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, I have been able to buy cars for my clients for as much as $5000 below the dealer invoice.

Imagine…Why would a dealer give Expert Auto Consultants a better price than you?

  • I buy hundreds of vehicles for my clients every year.
  • By requiring a retainer from our clients, dealers know that we're working with a serious buyer, not a "tire kicker."
  • What takes you hours with a salesman and sales manager, haggling over the price, takes me only 5 minutes with the sales manager.
  • The dealers know to give me the lowest price possible, knowing that I will not use one dealer's price against another.
  • The dealer knows that working with me saves them time, because appointments are made ahead of time for test drives and closings, paperwork is done in advance at their convenience, and I oversee the paperwork, so it goes quickly and smoothly.
  • Because of the relaxed buying atmosphere our clients experience, they rate their dealerships high in the all-important CSI surveys, which affects the allocation of hot-selling models and/or dealer bonuses.

Could you have imagined that buying a car could be such a pleasant experience?


Stop imagining and call us today!

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